Chirpy Chapters

Chirpy Chapters

Chirpy Chapters series

Beginner chapter books for kids

Chaotic Chores

A sick day off school when you're not even sick? Yes, please!

Susan and Tim have scored a day off school. All they need to do is help their sick mum wash the towels and keep quiet so she can sleep. Sounds easy, right?

It'll be a breeze, so long as the washing machine co-operates...

Best Friends for Now

Molly knew moving house meant making new friends, but she never expected to meet someone like Jenny, the woman who lives in Molly's bedroom wall.

Best Friends for Now by six-year-old junior author Molly Conoulty is one for kids who love all things fantasy - fairies, pixies and friendly ghosts. It's a beautiful story about friendship and coping with big changes in life. Best Friends for Now is suitable for readers aged four to ten.

An early reader about making the most of the time you have.

Squirrel's Quest

Everyone knows squirrels love to eat acorns, especially the creatures who like to eat squirrels...

Grey Squirrel wakes up to an empty house with an empty tummy. There's only one thing to do. Go and find himself something to eat. An acorn or three would be perfect.

All he needs to do is travel through the forest, over the river and across the clearing to the Old Oak Tree. What could possibly go wrong?