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Hey! I'm Renee

Hey Everyone!

I'd like to introduce you to, well, me. I'm Renee. I say hey, sometimes hi but very rarely g'day even though I'm an Aussie.

I'm a mother of two gorgeous kids (they look like me) and wife to the military hero in my own love story (which has way less drama than the ones I write).

I started this blog back in 2014 to share my love of reading. After posting reviews and other bits and pieces for several months, I discovered that I enjoyed also writing. With a bit of encouragement from a few friends, I dove headfirst into a month-long writing challenge and found that I could write more than 500 words. I also discovered that many of those words were the wrong ones. Online courses, writing craft books and critique partners to the rescue - I learned a lot.

My stories involve elements of dance, romance, and/or military life (as you may have guessed from the header) in a variety of genre - chick lit, women's fiction, romantic comedy, contemporary romance, children's books. The romance heat level is sweet (closed door), with the occasional swear word (but not in the kid's books). Find out more about my books HERE

I read a variety of genre for myself and I also read books aloud to my kids. I read all kinds of formats: paperback, ebooks, audiobooks, ebooks via text to speech (TTS), ebooks via speed-reading apps. If you know of any other way to read a book, let me know!

I source my books from a variety of places so you will see posts about all kinds of books: from bargains to bestsellers, new releases to old favourites and everything in between. I'm currently not accepting review requests.

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