Neverending Beginnings by Mary Chris Escobar **Blog Tour - Guest Post, Review & Giveaway**

Neverending Beginnings by Mary Chris Escobar **Blog Tour - Guest Post, Review & Giveaway**

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I'd like to introduce you to Mary Chris Escobar, who is on tour with her latest novel Neverending Beginnings.

Award-winning author Mary Chris writes women’s fiction. She was destined to write romance from a young age (as a child, her stuffed animals always got their happily-ever-afters). She lives in Richmond, Virginia in a renovated parking garage with her husband. Find her on her website, on Twitter or just about anywhere good coffee or craft beer is served.

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**Guest Post**

Years ago I was asked to give a toast at a wedding. I had never given a toast and made the terrible mistake of waiting until the night before the prepare my notes. (When I say the night before, what I actually mean is the wee hours of the morning before.) I came up with a short paragraph of nice things to say, read it over a few times and decided I was ready.

At the wedding reception the best man, who was the groom’s brother, went first. His toast was perfect. He told a short story about the bride, and welcomed her to the family. It was heartfelt, lovely, and far more lengthy than the five sentences I was staring at on my notecard.

My mind raced. What else could I say? What funny story could I tell? Maybe the one about the groom running down the hall of our dorm in college with his shirt pulled over his head proclaiming he was the Great Cornholio. I looked out at the guests. Nope that wouldn’t do. There has to be something better. Less about Beavis and Butthead, more about what an awesome guy he was. But as always happens in these moments, once an idea is in your head, there is no getting rid of it and no thinking of anything else.

The DJ announced my name and held the mic out to me. I had to make a split second decision, attempt to improvise or read the short toast on my notecard. I went with the later and my toast lasted approximately 30 seconds. I finished to radio silence and every eye in the room staring at me. They were settling in for a second eloquent perfectly-timed toast like the best man’s and I was already done.

“Cheers.” I announced to signal that no, that wasn’t just the introduction-- I had in fact finished my entire toast. The guests all scrambled for their glasses and clinked them together and I gave the DJ a pleading glance. He implored everyone to return to the dance floor and turned up the music.

When I sat down to write the beginning of my first novel, this moment came back to me. By that time I had the perspective to realize that my toast hadn’t been terrible-- just way too short.  But what if it had been terrible. What if I had improvised and had mentioned the  Beavis and Buttheadmoment, or worse? Out of this grew Kate’s drunken, blubbering, toast that is the opening scene of Neverending Beginnings.

In conclusion, since we are right in the middle of summer wedding season and you might find yourself in a toasting situation, I thought I would offer up just a few important lessons that can be learned about what not to do from Kate in Neverending Beginnings:

  •        If you happened to have dated the groom before he met the bride -- best not to mention that in your toast.
  •        You might want to avoid the open bar entirely, or plan to sip one drink very slowly before your big performance (ditto goes for the wine at dinner).
  •        Your toast should generally be pro-love, even if you aren’t feeling that way at the moment.
  •       Finally, if you and the best man are fighting, do so privately. Not in front of the wedding guests. And definitely not into the microphone you are using to give your toasts.
So here’s hoping any toasting you have to do this summer goes better than mine and so much better than Kate’s. Bad toasts are far funnier in fiction than in real life.

Neverending Beginnings by Mary Chris Escobar

This contemporary romance is Groundhog Day meets My Best Friend’s Wedding. Readers who like women’s fiction by Meg Cabot, Emily Giffin and Allison Winn Scotch will enjoy this romantic comedy.

Kate is alarmed to find out that her best friend Amy is getting married after dating for only six months. Her alarm turns to shock when she learns that the groom-to-be is Kate's old college ex. As the big day approaches, Kate's inability to hide her feelings is threatening to ruin her friendship with Amy.

Kate’s last minute, vodka-fueled wedding toast has her wishing she could turn back the clock and make things right. Imagine her surprise when she wakes up the next day and finds out she can.

Forced to relive one of the most painful weeks of her life, Kate slowly works to repair the damage she has done. In the process, she learns a lot about herself and the cynically charming best man, Ben.

Hey! Here's my review.

What a fun read! I've found myself drawn to time travel themed books a lot lately and chick lit is my go to genre, so I was excited to find a book with elements of both. This novel is written in a light, fun style but still has some depth. Romance and self discovery are the major themes. I loved the time travel twist that caused the main character to travel back in time one week, to learn more about herself and her friends. Exactly why this happened was never explained, so don't expect all the answers, just go with it - though I have come up with my own theories. 

I found the characters likable and kept hoping for things to turn out better for them all. I think Kate was very sensible about the time loop situation. She had an appropriate reaction to the situation, but was very mature and realistic about how to handle it. I don't think I would have been quite that sensible. I think I would have spent a couple of weeks blowing off work, travelling and reading lots of books. Or maybe stirring up trouble just to see what happened, knowing there would be no long term consequences.

There is another novella about two of the side characters which is currently available free - Delayed. It's not a sequel, but does have some updates on the characters from Neverending Beginnings. 

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


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