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I was so excited at the beginning of the month to discover that I'd made it to the voting round of AusRom Today's Reader's Choice Awards for  Best New Author. Voting closes at the end of November and I'm in with a good chance to win. I've been trading the lead position back and forth with another author and it's looking to be a photo finish.

This is the first time in my life I've had a chance at winning a popularity contest. Give my nerdy inner teenager a boost - vote for me.

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If I win, I'll run a giveaway in celebration. Stay tuned...


Hey Everyone,

I was so excited to see words and my name up on five billboards around Brisbane today. It would have been even more exciting if I'd been there in person, but I made do with taking screenshots of the live feed on my phone. One of the feeds was down, so I was rapt that another featured writer, Ray See, was a Brissy local and took a photo for me.

The Queensland Writers Centre is running an #8wordstory writing competition and I was lucky enough to have my story selected from thousands of entries to be featured on the billboards. The competition is running until November 24. Entry instructions on their website

Dance, Romance & Sexy French Accents

When Australian Lily Johansson earns the opportunity to dance for the prestigious Bohème Ballet in Paris, she fulfils a lifelong dream and continues a family legacy — but it comes at a cost.

While Lily falls in love with the City of Light and her professional life catapults her into fame, her personal life suffers as the relationship with her fiancé deteriorates. On a stormy night, an argument sends Lily racing across the road and a speeding car tragically changes her life forever. Lily’s heart, once full of love and hope, is smashed to pieces and her career crumbles into a hopeless mess. Stumbling into a solitary future she’d never planned, Lily must learn to live with the grief of losing the man she loved and find her way in an unfamiliar world.

Hey! Here's my review

A fabulous free prequel to Beneath the Parisian Skies. I loved getting some insight into the backstory of the heroine and the cliffhanger ending made me want to pick up the novel immediately.


  • Where: Kobo
  • Format: ebook

Lily Johansson returns to Paris, the city that broke her heart and destroyed her ballet career, hoping to ease the guilt over her fiance's death and to make amends with her estranged sister Natalie, a ballerina with the Boheme Ballet.

Terrified of loving again, Lily nevertheless finds herself becoming entangled with the driven composer Yves Rousseau. Lily has many reasons for keeping Yves at arm's length but as he recounts the colour, drama and intensity of the Ballets Russes in 1917, the magic of this Bohemian era ignites a spark within her.

Meanwhile, cast in the role of honouring Ballet Russes dancer Viktoriya Budian, Lily's sister Natalie develops an unhealthy obsession. Natalie's behaviour becomes increasingly erratic as elements of Viktoriya's tragic life resonate in her own. Lily fears for her sister's safety and sanity so when Natalie goes missing, she and Yves set out on a desperate quest across France to find her and, along the way, battle their own demons.

Could the search for her sister, lead Lily to realise that ballet -- like love and life -- should not be abandoned so easily?

Hey! Here's my review.

I picked this book up straight after finishing the free prequel, Parisian Dreams. I love Alli Sinclair's dual narrative style and adore the dance themes that run through this series. 

The Paris setting was brought to life, I'd love to visit one day more than ever. I don't think I have the discipline (or the figure) for ballet, though.

Dance, romance, and sexy French accents - yes, please!

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  • Format: ebook

Kindred Spirits by Whitney Dineen

Release Blitz || Kindred Spirits by Whitney Dineen

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Seasons of Summer by Melissa Baldwin *Release Blitz*

Release Blitz || Seasons of Summer Novellas Box Set by Melissa Baldwin

Melissa Baldwin has bundled her Seasons Of Summer Novellas into a box set, and it’s available now! If you haven’t started reading this collection, make sure you grab the box set. Each novella sells for $.99, but you can get all four books in the box set for only $2.99! Basically, that’s a free book!!

Seasons of Summer Novellas Box Set by Melissa Baldwin Series: Seasons of Summer
Published by: Melissa Baldwin on September 27, 2017 Genres: Romantic Comedy

After a devastating breakup, Summer Peters knows she needs something to distract her. Become a fly on the wall for a year and discover how Summer handles new experiences and challenges that each season throws at her. Will these ups and downs lead to the life of her dreams?
Fall Into Magic - Book One
After a devastating breakup in the middle of her summer vacation, Summer Peters knows she needs something to distract her. What better than the arrival of fall, Halloween, and a new client?

Winter Can Wait - Book Two

Following a fabulous fall, Summer is not looking forward to the frigid winter. Much to her dismay, she knows this winter is a time for many changes in her life, including moving on from the heartache of the past.

To Spring with Love - Book Three

Summer is thrilled to be done with the frigid winter. Spring is in the air, and she’s ready for a fresh new start. Her career is thriving, she’s searching for a new place to live, and she’s finally ready to take her relationship with Alexander Williams to the next level.

Return to Summer - Book Four
Summertime has arrived and things aren’t only heating up outside for Summer. After a rocky spring, Summer thinks she’s finally moved on from the heartache of last year. She’s found a new place to live, her company has new clients, and her relationship with Alexander Williams is going strong, despite the desperate attempts by others to sabotage it.

About Melissa Baldwin

Melissa Baldwin is an avid runner, planner obsessed, and has always had a love for writing. She is a wife, mother, and avid journal keeper who took her creativity to the next level by fulfilling her dream with her debut novel, An Event to Remember…or Forget. Melissa writes about charming, ambitious, and real women and is now a published author of ten Romantic Comedy novels and novellas.

When she isn’t deep in the writing zone, this multi-tasking master organizer is busy spending time with her family, chauffeuring her daughter, traveling, running, indulging in fitness, and taking a Disney Cruise every now and then.

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