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Camp NaNoWriMo 2015

Hey Everyone! I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I found my One Idea and signed u…

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My Mum the Pirate by Jackie French

Whoever said having a pirate for a mum was fun? Cecil's mum wears long black bo…

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Twenty Something **Blog Tour - Excerpts & Reviews**

Hey Everyone! I'd love to introduce you to Laura Chapman, Samantha March and C…

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How to ask a blogger to review your book

Hey Everyone! Over the past few months I have been receiving requests from autho…

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IA: Initiate by John Darryl Winston

IA: Initiate is a supernatural thriller set in the mean streets of America. A seeming…

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The Espionage Effect by Kat Bastion

When desire sets you free…control is a matter of perception. I'm Devin Hill. Dark…

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