How to add a blog post recommendation pop up to Blogger

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Hey Everyone!

A Wordpress blog friend of mine was looking at this blog the other day and noticed a little blog post recommendation pop up as she was scrolling down the page. It's a friendly pop up, an unobtrusive pop up, that only appear in the sidebar area when you scroll down. The recommendation was for something she was interested in and it kept her engaged with my blog longer. She thought it was pretty cool and asked me how I did it. I have found lots of posts about how to do cool things on Wordpress, but not so many about Blogger. If you did the eeny meeny miny mo like I did, and ended up with Blogger, here's a how to post especially for you!

How to add a blog post recommendation 

pop up to Blogger

I used +Add this.

  • First I created a free account on Add This.

  • Then selected the What's Next free option from the recommended content section of the tools tab.

  • I highlighted and copied the html code from Add This, then clicked Activate.

increase pageviews on Blogger

  • I opened my Blogger account, selected Layout, then clicked on Add a Gadget.

How to add a blog post recommendation pop up to Blogger

  • I clicked on HTML/Java Script, then right clicked and pasted into the content box. I clicked Save within the pop up box, then save Arrangement on the main webpage. It doesn't matter where this box is positioned. It won't be seen on your blog page.

  • Now, when people scroll down your page, they will see a small unobtrusive pop up on the bottom right corner of the screen with a recommendation of another blog post they may like.

How to add a blog post recommendation pop up to Blogger Increase pageviews
Jay Walking by Tracy Krimmer - Interview & Review

It may take a few minutes for this new feature to become live on your blog. Go and have a cup of tea, read a chapter or two, then come back and check.


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This is super helpful! I've been wanting to add one for a while but had no idea how, because there are only tutorials for Wordpress. Thank you!

6 October 2015 at 14:48 delete

Glad I could help someone!

10 October 2015 at 07:07 delete

Did I not comment on this??!! Thank you for writing this post! I'm linking to it on the Bliss Book Promo & PR Resources page right now!!

10 October 2015 at 20:39 delete

Thanks! Let me know if there are any other tutorials you'd like. I have another one posting in an hour aimed at audiobook authors and narrators.

Rosie Miles
7 March 2016 at 21:01 delete

You truly are a gem, Renee. Your examples are so easy to follow. Thank you. Rosie Miles

7 March 2016 at 23:22 delete

No worries Rosie. Let me know if there are any other tutorials you'd like me to put together for you.