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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Jay Walking by Tracy Krimmer **Blog tour - Interview & Review**

Hey Everyone!

I'd love to introduce you to Tracy Krimmer, who is on tour with her latest book, Jay Walking, scheduled to be released in two days. 

Books have always been a part of Tracy Krimmer’s life. When she was a child, her Book It! pin was filled with stars and she won many personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut. Her writing passion began young, around fourth grade, when her class made a notebook of short stories. She still has that notebook to this day. She published her first book, The Jealousy Game, in 2012. Pieces of it All released in May 2014 & her newest full length novel, Caching In, was released in December 2014. She has also written several short stories with more in the works. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, napping, or eating popcorn.

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**Author Interview**

Jay Walking is the second book in the Pastimes Pursuits series. What inspired you to start writing this series?
This actually wasn’t a series until I decided while writing Jay Walking to make it one. Jay Walking was a book I started writing about a year ago. The premise was similar, but after I wrote Caching In and people reacted to Chelsea and her choices, I felt I needed to tell her story and show her grow. Jay Walking became the perfect platform for her. 

Did you know how Jay Walking was going to end when you started writing? Are you a plotter or a pantser?
I always know how my books will end when I start writing them. It’s the stuff in between I tend to pants. I am an in-betweener. I used to write without any outline whatsoever. Now I find I need to write out ten to twelve beats to get the story going. Once I hit that last one, I typically know where I want to go.

Which character do you relate to most and why?
Chelsea 100%. I have the kangaroo pouch and stretch marks. I used to look in the mirror and hate what I saw. Once I discovered fitness programs I loved, I started to embrace the body changes and focus on strength and overall feeling good about myself. I now workout about six days a week and am proud of myself for doing so. Also, a few of the things that happened to her in the book happened to me as well. 

I love the cover! Who did your cover design?
Thank you! I love it, too. My husband finalized the cover for me. I had an idea of what I wanted, but he made it all come together. 

What do you do when you aren't writing? What is your favourite pastime to pursue?
I’m not sure I understand the question. I’m always writing! Seriously. If I’m not writing it down, I’m thinking about it! Of course I love reading, and I am a TV junkie. Yes, I’ll admit it. I love the summer when I can get outside with the kids. If I can find someone to play a physical game of Scrabble with me, I love doing that!

Are you working on anything else at the moment?
Yes. Those who have read Caching In may remember Kate, Seth’s sister. I am currently working on her book. I am not sure if it will be a novella or a full-length book yet. Amber from Jay Walking will hopefully get her own book as well.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Thank you for taking the time out to read the interview (and Renee, thanks for doing the interview!) If you read Jay Walking, I hope you love it and enjoy it. The book was a lot of fun to write and I think many moms can relate to Chelsea. We all want to look and feel good about ourselves, but we get so caught up in the superficial sometimes. Embrace your body and love it. Flaunt it. If people don’t like it, then they don’t need to look. That’s my theory. I’m not trying to change lives with this book, but I hope it inspires people to get out and get fit and accept their body at the same time.

Jay Walking by Tracy Krimmer

Chelsea Wyatt, a single-mom trying to build a life for her and her son, is sick of the body she sees in the mirror. A daily diet of Cookie Crisp cereal is not doing wonders for her mood or her figure, and it’s time for a change. Setting out to get fit, she commits herself to a daily walking plan, forcing herself to give up her all-sugar and carb diet, a difficult task at her donut obsessed job.

But her plan goes sideways when a stumble on the ice puts her in the arms of Jay, an attractive young man out on a run. They grab coffee together, and Chelsea finds herself thinking about him long after their short meeting. The thought of dating again hadn’t crossed her mind in years, and she doesn’t even know if Jay is available, or if he would be interested in her despite her unfit body.

Just when she has a handle on her new routine, her past catches up with her, throwing her blossoming relationship with Jay and the rest of her life into chaos. Can Chelsea hold onto the people she loves most, or will a wrong turn set her up for failure?

Hey! Here's my review.

I just read Caching in - the first book in the Pastime Pursuits series and loved it so much that within minutes of finishing it I picked up Jay Walking. Jay Walking is the second book in the Pastime Pursuits series, but is a stand alone novel. It tells the story of one of the side characters from Caching In, picking up the story a couple of years down the track. I only really got to know Chelsea superficially in Caching In, and I didn't really like her, but within the first chapter of Jay Walking, I could see that she had grown and matured so much that I really wanted the best for her. If you are looking for what happened next for Ally and Seth, you won't find it here. They get a passing mention, but this is Chelsea's story. 

I love Tracy's writing style, she kept me engaged the whole way through and I devoured this book in a couple of days. Chelsea is a single mother who loves scrapbooking and wants to get fit. She begins her exercise regime with the motivational aid of a smartphone app, and on her first walk, stumbles upon the handsome Jay. The novel deals with the issues of dating as a single mother and dealing with the absent father of her child. 

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me on your blog and I'm glad you liked the book!

    1. Thanks for the interview Tracy. I'm looking forward to your next one.

  2. sounds interesting

    1. I loved it. Let me know what you think if you decide to read it too.

  3. Chelsea is such an engaging character, isn't she? Good job on the review

    1. Thanks Sherri. I loved the way Tracy was able to turn around my superficial dislike of her from the previous book to make me love her in this book.