Paid Beta Reading Service

Paid Beta Reading Service

Are you looking for constructive feedback on your book before submitting to a publisher or independently publishing? Have you self-edited and polished your manuscript to your best ability? If so, beta reading may be the next step in your journey to publication.

I'm a prolific reader in a wide variety of genre and a multi-published author. I adore audiobooks and find that listening to a story can give you a different perspective. I listen to my beta-read books via text-to-speech as this helps me to not get distracted by any line edit issues and focus on the big picture.

I can offer big-picture feedback, focussing on plot, character development, setting, structure and writing style. I won't focus on grammar and spelling but if something jumps out at me, I'll mention it. If you have specific things you want me to look out for, just let me know.

My rates are AUD$2.20 per 1,000 words.

Please contact me via email to discuss your project and my availability.

reneeconoulty at gmail dot com


I’ve been using Renee Conoulty as a Beta Reader for years. Her honesty, down to earth approach, and faultless encouragement has helped me self-publish my first two novels, my first flash Fiction Collection. As an avid reader, she’s well-tuned to today’s current readership and her carefully curated advice for sensitive writers goes far. Because of her encouragement, Renee has given me the courage to publish more and highly recommend her services to anyone putting a book out into the world. Renee is someone you’d want as part of your team. 
- Mel A Rowe