Narration Resources

Narration Resources

These are the resources mentioned in Narrated by the Author.



This is the one I'm using –  RODE-NT USB Condenser microphone –

or you can find it on Amazon

I've also heard good things about these ones
Blue Snowball


These could help manage acoustics.

Isolation Shield

Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Blanket

Technical requirements


Yes, you can record your own audiobook. Here's how. –

Audiobook Narration Tips for Beginners –

My process of producing narration for ACX –

Reducing voice over breaths using Audacity -

Remove breathing sound from your audio recording // Audacity -

Blog posts


Narration: A Beginner's Guide to Recording Audiobooks in Audacity: Work From Home Recording Audiobooks for ACX, Audible & iTunes Kindle Edition by Krystal Wascher –


Storyteller: How to be an Audiobook Narrator –


MP3 plugin –

Audiobook and ebook distribution

Draft2Digital – affiliate link –

Findaway Voices –

Payhip – affiliate link –

Handy websites and apps

Canva (for graphics) –

My Audiobooks

My Author Services

I have used affiliate links where available.

I've started experimenting with reducing breath sounds with a noise gate plugin instead of removing them completely. I installed the noise gate plugin (linked above in Programs section) I highlighted a breath sound then analysed it with the plugin. I entered the suggested setting, then applied the gate. I tweaked it a few times until my breathing sounded naturally quiet. I suggest doing this step before Normalising.

If you just have a few loud breaths (or plosive p's) you can highlight them then amplify them with a negative number (such as -10).

Findaway Voices will accept FLAC files, so if you don't plan to sell MP3s yourself, you can skip the step of exporting as MP3 and upload the FLAC files to Findaway Voices.

Kobo has now opened direct uploading of audiobooks via their Kobo Writing Life platform. They will accept MP3 files but not FLAC.