Best Friends for Now

Best Friends for Now

Hey Everyone!

Today is the official relaunch of Best Friends for Now. I originally wrote Best Friends for Now as a project with my daughter for Duck Soup Press, which has since stopped operating. I asked for a rights reversion then had a whole lot of fun recording the audiobook and redesigning the cover.

To create the cover I had in mind, I had to learn how to edit vector files. My previous covers had all been photographic, so this was a big leap. YouTube tutorials combined with lots of trial and error helped me develop a new skill. I love learning new things. How cute is the new cover?

The idea for Best Friends for Now came within a couple of months of moving to Wagga Wagga. The relaunch is happening a few months before moving away, which seems fitting. The concept of Best Friends for Now is close to my heart and something I'm feeling strongly right now.

Everyone has heard of BFF's - Best Friends Forever - but that's something I've had to let go of as our family moves from town to town for my husband's military career. We bought a house last year but it can't be our forever home. That best friend connection doesn't last forever, either. Facebook and phonecalls can help you stay in touch but the close connection developed through regular physical contact fades when you no longer see each other. That's something I've had to accept for myself and teach to my children. Just because you may not stay best friends forever doesn't mean you can't be best friends for now. Friends for a reason and friends for a season are still friends and definitely worth having.

If you want to share this concept with a child in your life, grab a copy of Best Friends for Now.

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