Heart Swings

Heart Swings

Hey Everyone!

Heart Swings is a story very close to my own heart. It was inspired by my own destination wedding in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I'd love to share some photos with you.

Just like Todd and Nicola, we started our wedding morning in the dark at the markets, buying food and gifts for the monks.

The monks blessed us. According to Thai Buddhist tradition, monks can't touch women so I rested my hand on Luke's and he placed the food in the monk's bowl.

Yes, we had a wedding minivan. I thought it was as hilarious as Brooke did.

The teak temples were beautiful.

The head monk used a stick to place the buddha necklace over my head. He also flicked lots of water around and said a whole bunch of stuff I didn't understand. Luckily, the real Jit sat next to me and translated most of it. 

Here we are letting birds free outside the teak temple. We also let catfish free into the river. The blessing ceremonies were beautiful.

Here are my wedding guests wearing traditional Thai dress.

I didn't walk down the aisle, my husband did. The procession came all the way along a path to the house where another ceremony was held.

We all sat on the floor and ate with our hands for the wedding reception. The local village elders are gathered in the background. The woman in the centre wearing red is Jit, the wedding coordinator.

We actually had fireworks!

I choreographed a swing dance for our first dance since my Luke and I met at a swing dance class.

We went trekking through the hill tribes as part of our honeymoon.

Not the typical honeymoon accommodation, but we had the curtain between us taken down so we could sleep next to each other.

Those Thai kids were adorable and I may have gotten suckered in to buy a few beaded bracelets, just like Brooke.

Now there's some eco-friendly lunch packaging. Yep, ate with our fingers, while looking at a gorgeous waterfall.

This is me crossing one of those lashed-together bamboo bridges. Don't look down!

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