Single author and multi-author collections

Swinging Through Life

The dance of life – one step forward, one step back.

Whether they lead or follow, the characters from these twelve tiny tales will dance through your heart. Will innocent Dulcie be caught in a seedy speakeasy? Can ambitious Kate get the attention she desires? Does swing dancing always lead to romancing?

If you like stories you can read before your coffee goes cold, you'll love this flash fiction collection. Grab your copy of Swinging Through Life and jazz up your reading list today.

Wife, Mother, Woman

Wife, Mother, Woman by Renee Conoulty

The daily battles of military life.

Peek inside the lives of ten military-affiliated women. Whether they serve the military or support those who do, they all face relatable problems. Making new friends, finding new jobs, solo parenting. Being wives, being mothers, being women.

If you like stories of strong women then you'll love Renee Conoulty's flash fiction collection.

Grab your copy of Wife, Mother, Woman and dive into these tiny tales that will make you laugh and make you cry.