Seven Sweet Kisses for Valentine's Day

Seven Sweet Kisses for Valentine's Day

Hey Everyone!

Happy Valentines Day! To celebrate, here's a sweet kiss, or seven. 

My publisher, Kindred Ink Press, has a collection of sweet short stories available for free on their website. The first story in the collection is one of mine, the other six stories are written by other Kindred Ink Press authors.

Kindred Kisses Volume 1

From prequels to sequels to deleted scenes, we’ve got seven short stories to get you hooked and keep you coming back for more.

Cheek to Cheek by Renee Conoulty

Nadiene just lost her swing dance partner—and long-term crush—to another woman. Defeated, she sets out on a search for a replacement dance partner, not expecting anything that comes next.

Cheek to Cheek is a mini sequel to Don’t Mean a Thing, where we first meet Nadiene. Grab your copy today!

*Cat*ching Kisses by Nikki LeClair

Hilary’s cat, Pax, has escaped her condo again, sending her on yet another cat hunt, while attempting to evade the crazy condo board president, and straight into the kitchen—and arms—of her handsome neighbor, Neal.

Hilary, Pax, and Neal will be back spring 2019.

The Evan Debacle by Susan Murphy

As she recovers from a brutal divorce, Anna attempts to rebuild her life while building her boutique. A new relationship is the last thing on her mind, but when new shop neighbour
van asks for her help with his business, she finds a connection that can’t be ignored. Will fear from her past keep her from moving forward in the future?

Want to learn how Anna’s friends Jen and Jake met? Check out Susan Murphy’s novel Aloha Love and be prepared to love again.

Lip Locked by Deb Julienne

Sabrina Thompson reluctantly agrees to make an appearance at her best friend’s celebrity-filled twenty-first birthday bash but only has interest in one guest. Travis Wellington. When Travis doesn’t show, Sabrina settles in to enjoy the party as best she can—until Travis’ twin, Trent, pulls an immature prank, throwing Sabrina’s day into a tailspin.

Find out what’s next for Sabrina and Trent in book 1 of Deb Julienne’s Twisted Sister Series, coming spring 2019.

The Ski Lesson by Amber Root

Karl Muller just wanted some rest and relaxation on his first vacation in years. Even though he’s not new to the slopes, he takes a free ski lesson offered by the lodge. Will an afternoon of skiing lead to something more?

To find out more about Karl, check out Christmas in Rose County by Amber Root and Ellen Wilder, available for preorder now.

The Knight by Ellen Wilder

Audrey Coleson has been passed from foster home to foster home and is hoping her new high school provides a fresh start. But when things go from bad to worse, Audrey quickly loses hope—until Jake Vitalli kicks down the door to the bathroom stall and her heart.

Catch up with the adult versions of Jake and Audrey in Ellen Wilder’s novel Stay, available now.

Day Dates and Drama by Karan Eleni

Mattie Rhodes’ only plan for the day was to clean her house. A phone call from her brother-in-law and a surprise visit from her twin sister turn her relaxing day into something she never could have expected.

Day Dates and Drama is a mini-prequel to Karan’s debut novella, Seven Days to Paradise, part of the Launching Love series, available now.