Romance Reader's Advent Calendar

Romance Reader's Advent Calendar

Hey Everyone!

I usually put my Christmas tree up on the first of December but this year I was flat out hosting my daughter's eighth birthday party that day and recovering from said party the following day so the tree didn't go up until Monday afternoon. This year, the kids found the blue tinsel in the bottom of the box so we have a blue and white themed tree. Now I'm officially in the Christmas spirit and to celebrate, I'd love to share an advent calendar with you that will be kinder to your waistline than the ones I gave the kids - although if you run around as much as them, you'll have no problem devouring a chocolate filled calendar too.

Every day between December 1 and 24 (in your local time zone), the numbered door will unlock with a message and a gift. Tap on today's date to open the door.
If you’ve come to the calendar part way through the month, no worries! It just means you get to open lots of doors all at once.
This amazing calendar was set up by Elizabeth Ellen Carter and I'm thrilled to be included. Take a peek under door number 2 to see what I'm giving away.

The Elizabeth Ellen Carter and Friends Advent a door today!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for your next surprise. Just leave this page on one of your 62 open browser tabs and you'll find it again easily. (Please tell me I'm not the only person with that many browser tabs running on my phone...)