More Than Crocodiles and Cattlemen

More Than Crocodiles and Cattlemen

Hey Everyone!

I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Mel A Rowe. I met Mel at a one-day editing workshop in Darwin. As pretty much the only two genre fiction writers at the very literary-style workshop, we had lots in common and soon became writing buddies. 

Mel was there to cheer me on at the book launch party for my debut novel and I'm so excited to cheer her on with her debut novel! Read on for a little more insight into Darwin life and make sure you check out Mel's Instagram feed - her photos are amazing!

And, of course,  grab yourself a copy of her debut novel, too. It's lots of fun.

We’re much more than cowboys & crocodiles…

Thank you, Renee, for this wonderful opportunity to guest blog.
Hi everyone, I’m Mel A ROWE, a writer and weekend wanderer, who tries to not get too lost outback of North Australia. With an allergy to all things drawn-out and corporately serious, I’m an internationally published multi-genre word-player, who takes my common characters on uncommon journeys that can lead from boardrooms to outback billabongs for that entertaining escape to Happily Ever After.

I live in the land of the long drive. A place that’s compared to living on Mars. Alienated from everywhere else in Australia.

Distance does present its challenges. A few weeks ago, we suffered a cyclone few heard about in the Southern States of Australia. The Prime Minister didn’t even bother to visit us to assess the damage, and we’re kind of okay about being missed – who needs politicians poking around to mess the place up.

After Cyclone Marcus had unleashed his fury, with no power; warnings to not drink the water; and with schools closed for days afterwards, it showed how resilient we are in our small corner of the country. We’re much more than just Crocodiles and Cattlemen. We’re a place full of creative people who’ve all made something from nothing. It’s the place of Can-doer’s, fanatic Fixer-upperer’s, and done-that DIYers. Regulars to their local Hardware store that sold out of chainsaws, generators, torches, and many other handy items in one day.

But I’m not just talking about Territorians, it’s a known fact that Australian’s love Do-it-yourself projects. We love renovation shows like The Block, and Better Homes and Gardens that inspire us, and promote places like Hardware stores.

So, while at my local hardware, catching up with other locals, purchasing everything but what was on my shopping list — that’s when the idea came to me: What happens behind the scenes of such a place?

For the working title I’d named my debut novel, Hardware Blues. And now it’s called...
(Insert drum roll here)

"Avoiding the Pity Party"

Avoiding the Pity Party, is an Australian romantic comedy about a Bride who learns to say ‘No’ during her own wedding ceremony. From there we share her journey through her Honeymoon of Hurt. To where humour heals her heartbreak, working in her family’s Hardware Warehouse, trying to finding her Happily Ever After.

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Feel free to connect with me on the links below: is for my novels, newsletter link, and blog. is for my poetry and Flash Fiction works. Here, I dabble in various other writing styles to grow, and I gain valuable feedback to develop as a writer.

I’m also on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest (the perfect place for Procrastination), and I’ve just started a YouTube channel

Thank you again, Renee, for this fabulous opportunity to connect with your community.