Choosing a cover

Choosing a cover

Hey Everyone!

Wow! I've been a bit slack at blogging lately. I missed February altogether. Not for lack of trying - I sat down at the start of the month to write a blog post and it accidentally turned into a book. I've been too busy writing to write.

Late last year I decided to learn how to narrate an audiobook, then early this year, I released Wife, Mother, Woman and Catching Onix in audio format. Once the kids went back to school at the end of January, I sat down to write a blog post about the process. The words kept on flowing and ended up becoming Narrated by the Author: How to produce an audiobook on a budget.

While the book was going through the editing process, I sat down to design the cover (a woman of many talents). The first two attempts didn't cut it, then I came up with two designs that I really liked. I flip-flopped between the two of them so I headed over to Facebook to ask for the opinions of the masses with a poll.

I posted the audiobook edition covers because when I tried to upload the ebook versions, the poll cropped them. When I first shared the poll, I was leaning toward the version on the right, but as the votes came in confirming my choice, I began to lean the other way. Popular opinion couldn't even help me choose.

I headed back to Amazon for some more market research. There's no "how to narrate an audiobook" category on Amazon, so I tried a few instinctive search terms and tracked down a dozen similar books. I compared my cover options to those, looking for the one that fit in best, yet was still memorable. The blue background with the red spot ticked both those boxes. It also fit best with my website branding colours and font, and looked best as a thumbnail image. I felt that the black background cover was prettier but the blue one represented my book better.

Decision made. Blue it is. And I can use the pretty microphone in the graphics.

The ebook edition of Narrated by the Author is now available to pre-order and will be released on my birthday - April 16, 2018.

I'd better get cracking on the audiobook and online course version.