Stand out reads of 2017

Stand out reads of 2017

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year! I'm taking the first day of 2018 to reflect on the 133 books I read last year. There were so many fabulous reads, that it's difficult to choose a favourite, so here are a bunch that stood out and stayed with me. Half of my top picks are Aussie authors, with romance, women's fiction and suspense dominating my reading choices. I fell behind in writing reviews, so I'm linking to the book images to Amazon US via an affiliate link so you can read the burbs there (and if you choose to buy the books from the link, I'll receive a small fee). I know that not everyone uses Amazon or lives in the USA (I'm Aussie) but I've decided to focus on simplifying my life this year, so I'm choosing not to post multiple links here.  If you like the look of a book, feel free to search for it in your favourite store. The books are listed in no particular order.

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If you want to see all the books I read in 2017, you can check out My Year in Books for 2017 on Goodreads