She never saw it coming

She never saw it coming

Hey Everyone!

I was reading this week's Australian Writers' Centre newsletter and came across this fun writing challenge.
Your story must be no more than 50 WORDS in length and must include the words “summer”, “eighteen” and “dinosaur” – plus end with the sentence “She never saw it coming.”
I managed to write an eight-word story for another challenge so I figured I'd give this one a go. I usually write on my laptop but this exercise was the perfect length to do longhand. I even managed to work a military life theme into it.

Want to read it?

She never saw it coming

Eighteen twenty-seven glowing on the microwave. Stepping over the plush dinosaur in the hallway. Squinting into the summer sun while opening the door. These things would remain imprinted in her mind. The last moments before the military police spoke and her life changed forever. She never saw it coming.
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