The Song of Us by J.D. Barrett

The Song of Us by J.D. Barrett

Zoe Wylde is a woman at a crossroad. Five years ago, she fled her successful career as a concert harpist in London to return to her Bondi home. She still plays, but now her audience is on the way out ... literally. It's complicated and complication is something Zoe understands well. Her best friend is chasing a new love, her brother's chasing too much love and her father has been married far too many times. Compared to them she thought she was doing okay. She's met the guy she is sure is the one. He wooed her and has been sleeping with her for almost five years. It would all be perfect ... if he wasn't married.

Zoe is learning that hearts, like harps, are capable of beautiful music if treated the right way and can be tricky to manoeuvre. She's over the old tune. But does Zoe have the courage to rewrite the song of her own life?

The Song Of Us is a soulful story of family, love and the notes that define our lives by the author of The Secret Recipe For Second Chances. 

Hey! Here's my review!

I loved the familiar Aussie setting and enjoyed the exploration of different kinds of relationships. Stories involving adultery often make me feel uncomfortable, but this issue was dealt with in a relatable way. I was able to empathise with the heroine even though I didn't always agree with her choices and I was glad to see her grow and mature throughout the story. It was wonderful to learn more about the realities of palliative care as a natural part of life. It was refreshing to read about a harp player, that's an instrument you don't read about often.

This was the first book I've read from this author and I'd be interested in reading more.


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