Haunting Me by Nikki LeClair *Cover reveal*

Haunting Me by Nikki LeClair *Cover reveal*

Hey Everyone! 

I can't wait to share the gorgeous cover of Haunting Me by fellow Kindred Ink Press author, Nikki LeClair. It was designed by the same person who did the cover for my novel, Don't Mean a Thing, and my upcoming short story duet, Gotta Be This or That

Before I show you the whole cover, here's a bit about the book.

Phoebe Mercer has what most people envy: a wonderful boyfriend, fantastic friends, and a job in the city’s top law firm. Getting engaged is just the honey in her tea! Then she gets run over by a hot dog cart, wakes up with a concussion and the ability to see ghosts. Well, one ghost. A loud, obnoxious woman who claims to have been murdered for her vast fortune. Soon, Phoebe is solving a mystery that not only threatens her relationships, but her career as well. As she begins to battle feelings for the ghost’s handsome nephew, she realizes quite a few people in her life are not as they seem. Slowly, Phoebe uncovers the secrets and lies around her, learning that in order to solve this mystery and be free of the ghost, she must lie herself. The only catch? The secrets Phoebe has kept from the people in her life could ruin everything for her, and her ghostly companion, in the end.

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Okay, enough teasing...
Here's the cover!

About Nikki:

Nikki LeClair lives in Canada with her loving husband and their two rambunctious children. When she isn’t ordering her children to behave or begging her Border Terrier to listen to her, she sits behind her lap-top plotting out the next adventure of her new characters. She’s a fan of a good glass of Pinot Noir, and can’t live without her favorite Tea blends.
She enjoys hearing from readers and fans of her work.