Renee Conoulty: Beyond the chocolate coma


Thursday, 20 April 2017

Beyond the chocolate coma

Hey Everyone!

I've finally come out the other side of my Easter-induced chocolate coma. I just put a piece of chocolate back in the cupboard because I didn't really feel like it. As the foggy haze of sugary goodness slowly lifts, I can see the computer keyboard again and thought I'd better catch up on some of my reviews.

I'm usually organised with my reading, writing the reviews as I finish the book and scheduling them in advance. Between trying to keep up with my own writing, the school holidays and celebrating my 40th birthday on Easter Sunday, my schedule has gone out the window (It's been defenestrated - I've wanted to use that word ever since I learnt it as a teenager thanks to one of my ex-boyfriends who's courting consisted of impressing me with big words and their meanings from The Superior Person's Book of Words by Peter Bowler. Though I'm not sure if I'd find conversations about exungulating toenails or attempting to rhyme firkin, gherkin and merkin quite as appealing these days.)

I've decided to give into the spontaneity of life and post reviews when I get to them instead of burdening myself with deadlines and a posting schedule. I'm letting go of posting every second day, but with the amount that I read, I'll still be posting quite regularly. 


  1. Renee, don't fall into the trap of struggling to keep up appearances with your blogging. When it starts to become a chore it will affect you and your reviews! I don't expect to hear from all the bloggers I follow all the time - my in box would be overflowing ��
    Remember the old saying "If you enjoy what you do you will never have to work a day in your life"

    1. Thanks Janine. I've been blogging consistently for over 2 years now and I definitely want it to stay fun.