You lose some, you win some

You lose some, you win some

Hey Everyone!

This year, for the first time, I wrote a short story specifically for a competition. It was for the Romance Writer's of Australia Little Gems competition. Each year, there is a different gem stone as the theme and there is a 3,000 word limit. The gemstone for 2017 was announced at the August 2016 conference as onyx.

In the school holidays, the month before, I'd downloaded the Pokémon Go app to play with my son. Of course, I got as hooked as him. After enlightening some of the girls about "dino-porn" (it's a thing - really) we started joking about "Poké-porn". I don't write erotica, but it got me thinking... onyx... Onix - that's the name of one of the Pokémon...

I got sidetracked with editing and publishing Don't Mean a Thing, moving interstate, Christmas and all that looking after kids in the school holidays stuff. I finally got back to my idea and got my 3K story in just in time. The results were announced this week and I did well(17th out of 70), but not quite well enough to get into the anthology.

Glass half full girl, as I am, I decided that this meant I could share my story with everyone right now. I uploaded my story, in five chunks, to Wattpad, then published it for free everywhere. I wanted to publish it right away so that it would be live by today, Sunday, March 12,  because that's my niece's 16th birthday and I wanted to dedicate this story to her (because I stole her name for my heroine - Happy Birthday Grace! Sweet sixteen and never been kissed. You're awesome! Hope you like my story.)

Anyway... Here's the cover and the blub.

Catching Onix by Renee Conoulty

Grace is a single mother whose life revolves around her eight-year-old son, Finn. All she wants is to keep him safe and happy. She indulges his latest passion for playing Pokémon Go, stepping out of her comfort zone and into the local community, where Finn strikes up a conversation with a stranger. Can they find the fine balance between stranger danger and being polite? Will Finn finally catch an Onix? And will Grace let herself be caught?

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  1. Well done Renee, you never know how you will go unless you try and 17/70 is up there with the best, and at least you are writing, I'm looking forward to your next book, just keep on keeping on! 😀


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