Tennant Creek to Alice Springs

Tennant Creek to Alice Springs

Hey Everyone!

Day three was a smooth run compared to the beginning of the trip. The kids were excited to go to "Ball World" aka the Devil's Marbles. The round granite rock formations were amazing and we spent more time exploring the area than I'd planned. I hadn't realised how many rock formations were in the one area.

The two most famous "marbles"

 More wedge-tailed eagles and stray cattle beside the road, and the red dirt got redder. I was excited to see a willy willy on the side of the road (no - not that, a little whirlwind) I've never seen one before and the red dust made it look awesome.

Wedge-tailed eagle taking off

Just past the Devil's Marbles, we stopped for a coffee at a roadhouse in Wycliff Well and discovered that it was the UFO capital of Australia, with more UFO sitings than anywhere else Down Under. We were able to identify everything we saw there, except, maybe the coffee. At $3 for a make your own instant coffee  - we're pretty sure the aliens weren't coming here for the hot beverages.

Wycliff Well

We made a quick getaway from Wycliff Well and discovered an open speed limit section of highway. The Mazda CX5 handles 180 km per hour remarkably, though that really chewed up the fuel and after yesterday's experience we decided to back it off to 120 km/hr for most of the day.

Going 167 km/hr in the open speed limit section

The climate has changed over the last couple of days. The humidity has practically gone and the temperature dropped to 30 degrees Celcius. Molly even wanted to wear tracksuit pants this morning because she was cold (she's gonna freeze in Wagga Wagga during winter). We saw the palm trees give way to salt bush and were excited to see all the gum trees as we drove into Alice Springs. The riverbed was completely dry but a few good rains will get it flowing. Luke was particularly enthralled with all the gum trees. He has missed them while we were living in Darwin and hated the palm trees everywhere up there - particularly the ones at the neighbour's house that dropped fronds in our yard. I giggled a little as we drove into the resort I booked - The Desert Palms - palm trees as far as the eye can see. 

Quick dip in Alice Springs - a bit cold for us


  1. I am enjoying your road trip Renee, at least you are travelling in not too extreme heat, I'm sure you won't get a speeding ticket out there ��

    1. We've only seen one Police car on the highway so far and we've been sticking to the speed limit (played a little in the open limit zone, but stuck with more comfortable speeds for most of the time). I'm glad we're finally south enough to escape the humidity.


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