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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Stories For Six Year Olds by Linsay Knight

A very bossy robot, hats in the playground, a scary garden gnome, a stuck-tight tooth, an intrepid cat-burglar, an ugly bunyip, a deal with an imp, a very big snail, snails and more snails, a boy with luck on his side and a very grumpy goblin . . . you'll find all these in Stories for 6 Year Olds. And you'll find some of your favourite Australian authors too. 

- See more at: Perfect for six-year-olds, these stories have been collected just for young readers

Hey! Here's my review.

book review*Interview with my 5 & 7-year-olds*

Me: What did you think of this book?
7: *dancing around the room* Awesome, double awesome!
5: Kind of good and kind of bad.

Me: Which bit was your favourite?
7: My favourite bit was when, um, this goblin weird thing did something to that lady, and, I don't know.
5: No hat, no play.

Me: Why did you like that bit?
7: Because the goblin looked pretty ugly.
5: Hmm, because the principal didn't have a hat so he went to sit with the boy who didn't have a hat.


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