Port Augusta to Euston

Port Augusta to Euston

Hey Everyone!

Today is the penultimate day of driving and we're all getting a bit sick of the car. We drove through three states today, starting in South Australia, cutting across the top of Victoria, then into New South Wales. We had lunch with some ducks in Burra, who were delighted to dispose of Molly's crusts for her.

No signs of red dirt anymore and not a salt bush in sight - we're finally in farm country - sheep, grain, wine and wind.  When we stopped for afternon tea, I remembered something else about farm counrty - as I tried to scoop the buzzing insect out from behind my sunglasses as it was attempting to land on my eyeball - fly country. There'd been "no flies on me, mate" in Darwin, but I suspect I've traded in the itchy midges for the bothersome flies.

Wind turbines on the hill

Farm country

There was still evidence of the recent flooding. The Murray River was a lot wider than usual and the gum trees looked more like mangroves. The major roads were open though. The only road I saw that was closed was the one behind the Euston Club where we went for dinner - luckily, we left our car at our cabin and walked there. 

Euston Club