Euston to Wagga Wagga

Euston to Wagga Wagga

Hey Everyone!

After a completely overcast day yesterday, it was nice to see the sun streaming through the clouds and a little bit of blue peeking out. We began our journey on the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory and finished it on the Sturt Highway in New South Wales. Surprisingly, the temperature was even hotter down south than in the Top End, but the lack of humidity makes up for the extra four degrees.

We saw lots of emu and a kangaroo poking their heads up from the long, dry grass. We also saw lots of long, dry grass that had been cut and bundled.

Hey Everyone! Here's some hay!

Hey Everyone! Here's some more hay!

We even had morning tea in a town called Hay.

HeySaidRenee in Hay!

Wagga Wagga got closer and closer until...

We made it!