Renee Conoulty: Alice Springs to Coober Pedy


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Alice Springs to Coober Pedy

Hey Everyone!

And we're on to day four of our family adventure.  We left the gum tree oasis of Alice Springs and headed back into salt bush city. At least it wasn't nut bush - there's not enough room to kick my legs dancing in the car. We saw more eagles, more cattle and a family of emu huddled under a shady tree. Snuggled between the salt bush were lots of gorgeous wild flowers, just like these ones.

We noticed the signs for a camel farm and a spontaneous stop led to the best part of the day - a camel ride around the yard. Molly was a bit scared to begin with but after lots of coaxing she agreed to get on. Standing up was a bit jerky, but once we go walking she had a ball. So proud of her for being brave and having a go.

We officially said goodbye to the Nothern Territory today as we crossed the border into South Australia. With daylight savings time in effect - the kids had fun standing with their legs an hour apart.

We didn't have time to visit Uluru this trip, but we drove through the red centre of Australia - even the bitumen was red.

We checked into a cave dug into the side of a giant rock hill. Our room is the deepest one in the man made cave where the temperature is a stable 25 degrees celcius all year round. No airconditioning in the rooms (but some in the corridor outside).

We climbed upthe steps and walked along the goat track to the lookout at the top of the hill just in time to watch the sunset over Coober Pedy. Awesome 360 degree view from the top over the mulock heaped opal mining terrain. I celebrated the end of a lond day with a glass of wine (in the only glass I could find - it was almost a mug of wine).

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