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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Secrets of the Suburbs by Alisa Schindler

Secrets of the Suburbs is the story of Lindsey, a 42 year-old suburban mom who seems to have it all – doctor husband, two great kids, satisfying part-time work; all the spin classes, shopping and lunches she can fit into her busy schedule.

But when a drunken moment with her friend’s husband opens up a well of desire, excitement and emotion that she didn’t even know existed, it throws her perfectly perfect life into turmoil. Because as Lindsey opens her heart and body to this forbidden passion; her eyes open as well, and she is forced to take a closer look at her life, her marriage and herself.

Already her friends are starting to whisper, her husband is growing suspicious and there is a Secrets of the Shore Facebook page that just may be talking about her.

Will Lindsey stay in her safe, pretty world with her seemingly perfect husband who just might have secrets of his own, or will she break every rule and follow her heart?

Whatever she decides, she'd better figure it out fast because in small town suburbia nothing stays secret for very long.

Sexy and engaging, with characters who seem like friends and issues that make you think about marriage, satisfaction and the lines we draw, Secrets of the Suburbs is the perfect book to curl up with next to your (sweet) snoring husband.

Hey! Here's my review.

Desperate Housewives on Facebook.

I'm a little wary of adultery stories, it's a topic that makes me feel uncomfortable, but I adored Love At First Flight, so I decided to give this a go too. Secrets of the Suburbs centres around a group of female friends, rather than the illicit relationship. It is told from various character's points of view. I enjoyed spending time with these women. I'm not the type to attend neighbourhood garden parties in stilletos, but I would enjoy having a cuppa and a chat with these girls.I enjoyed being a voyeur, watching their lives unfold and unravel. 

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


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