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Friday, 14 October 2016

Pants on Fire by Victoria Lloyd

Humour for younger readers from a first-time children’s author. They looked like ordinary, innocent pants, but those pants had just hypnotised the headteacher!

Tony Trebelli has a little trouble telling the truth. He tells the most enormous lies in the world and nobody ever believes him. That is, until the day he gets his new pants. When he tells his first fib, they get a little warm. When he tells his second, there's a definite smell of burning. By the time he's on his third, there's smoke… but Tony doesn't care. Because each time this happens, Tony's lies get believed! His pants have the power to hypnotise his teachers – even Mrs McMahon, the headteacher herself. However, when Tony's pants suddenly get too hot to bear, he finds himself naked in the playground. Suddenly his lies become less appealing and Tony learns his lesson.

Taking the theme of the playground chant, 'Liar, liar pants on fire,' Victoria Lloyd has written an hilarious story for younger readers. With plenty of alliteration, repetition and humour this is a terrific text for children able to read on their own but who don't want a longer novel. This will be a highly illustrated text and with a theme of 'pants' every child will want to pick it up. Pants it is not!

Hey! Here's my review.

**Interview with my 5 & &-year-olds**
Me: What did you think of this book?
5: It was awesome!
7: It was the most coolest thing ever.

Me: Which bit was your favourite?
5: When he was running around the school with his pants on fire and it was burning his ... booty.
7: My favourite bit was the same as Molly's, but a different bit. He was running around the school (acts out the scene - running around the room clutching his bottom), and the bit where he was using palm fronds to cover himself because he had no pants on (luckily, he kept his own pants on for the remainder of the interview).

Me: Why?
5: Because it was just so awesome.
7: Because he was naked at school and that's really funny.


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