Renee Conoulty: The Devil's Wire by Deborah Rogers


Friday, 2 September 2016

The Devil's Wire by Deborah Rogers

Jennifer's new neighbor, Lenise Jameson, is a liar. Lenise claims to have witnessed a disturbing incident involving Jennifer's husband, Hank, but as far as Jennifer is concerned, the forty-something single mother is a vindictive backstabber out to make trouble.

But Jennifer soon discovers this is no sick joke. Hank has a dark side she knew nothing about.

As Jennifer's life spirals out of control she has no one to turn to, apart from Lenise, who appears only too willing to help. But who is Lenise? What does she want from Jennifer? And just how far is she willing to go to get it?

A tale about secrets and obsession, and what can happen when you forget to keep your friends close and your enemies closer..

Hey! Here's my review

Dark, twisty psychological thriller that kept me turning pages.

I didn't find Jennifer particularly likable and I didn't trust Lenise as far as I could kick her, but I couldn't look away. Things kept getting deeper and more involved and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out. When Lenise explained the meaning of the title, I knew things would get worse from there, but I hadn't guessed to what extent.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


  • Where: Author Invitation
  • Format: ebook


  1. totally looks like a book i would like!

    1. I've been drawn to lots of psychological thrillers lately.