The Rise of Memphis - January Chronicles (Rebel and a Saint Book 1) by Kitty Kendall

The Rise of Memphis - January Chronicles (Rebel and a Saint Book 1) by Kitty Kendall

A crazy new years eve, a cheeky little disguise and a hot new game. Suddenly men are lining up to play.

Three years after Jane’s fiancé cheated on her, she’s finally ready for some serious bedroom action, but she has one problem—she doesn’t do casual sex.

So what does a good girl from the country do? She takes a risk that changes her life and becomes her own naughty twin - Memphis.

Things don’t always go to plan though, and the hilariously horny romps prove to be as steamy as they are fun.

Jane’s transformation has her soaring into unexplored sexual territory. But will this long awaited experience be everything she anticipated it to be?

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Plain Jane is finally ready to reclaim her sexuality after keeping men at an arms length for years after a messy breakup. Jane doesn't do casual sex but isn't ready for a relationship either, so sex with a man at arms length seems like the perfect solution. 

With the confidence obtained from an alter ego and a new man in her sights each week, Jane's encounters are far from plain. 

This erotica novella is perfect for a quickie read or you could tease yourself a little reading a chapter at a time. I enjoyed her January antics and I'd love to see what she gets up to for the rest of the year. The erotic scenes were well balanced with plot, character development and a dollop of fun.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


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