The Memory Child by Steena Holmes

The Memory Child by Steena Holmes

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When Brian finds out that his wife, Diane, is pregnant, he is elated. He's been patiently waiting for twelve years to become a father. But Diane has always been nervous about having children because of her family's dark past. The timing of the pregnancy also isn't ideal - Diane has just been promoted, and Brian is being called away to open a new London office for his company.

Fast-forward one year: being a mother has brought Diane a sense of joy that she'd never imagined and she's head over heels for her new baby, Grace. But things are far from perfect: Brian has still not returned from London, and Diane fears leaving the baby for even a moment. As unsettling changes in those around Diane began to emerge, it becomes clear that all is not as it seems.

A woman's dark past collides head-on with her mysterious present in this surreal and gripping family drama.

Hey! Here's my review.

I enjoyed this psychological family drama, following the trail of clues the author scattered throughout the book and trying to work out exactly what happened. I managed to figure out most of the twists, then second guessed myself as I read on. I love it when authors can make me do that. The characters were vividly written and the plot well thought out. The topics of post-partum psychosis and how becoming a mother can change your life are explored.

I listened to the audiobook edition. The narrator was fabulous and well suited to this book.


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