Chapter One: You have the power to change stuff by Daniel Flynn

Chapter One: You have the power to change stuff by Daniel Flynn

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CHAPTER ONE is a story of epic proportions by Thankyou co-founder Daniel Flynn. It’s a bumpy and entertaining ride of gut-wrenching decisions, wild mistakes and daring moves into business, marketing, social enterprise and beyond. Follow the journey of three Australian kids from Melbourne with zero business experience and the shared belief that we all have the power to change stuff.

Chapter One is more than a book. It’s an invitation, addressed to you. To inspire you to challenge what you know and remind you that crazy ideas can become a reality. It’s also an opportunity to be a part of something big. Something that could change the course of history.

Hey! Here's my review.

I came across this book via the book launch video, which I found so inspirational that I followed the link and bought myself a copy straight away. Here's a link to the video -

Chapter One is an inspirational, biographical account of the first eight years behind the scenes of the Australian social enterprise Thankyou. It tells of how the author, Daniel, with the help of many others, took his idea of developing a brand to sell products and donate all the profits to charity. It started with bottled water - 100% of the profits going to build wells in developing countries to ensure clean water supply for those in need. It has since progressed to food and personal care items. 

Because all the profits from existing products go to charity and Thankyou not having shareholders, money for expansion into other areas needed to be found - so here is Chapter One - a pay what you want book currently available in ebook (I got because I was too impatient to wait for the postman) and landscape printed paperback. I believe there is an audiobook in production too. 

Daniel is bold and charismatic, enthusiastic about his social enterprise, which all comes through in his writing. I couldn't help but feel inspired too. He shares the good days as well as the bad days. He uses his experiences to demonstrate what can happen if you try, but not in a braggy way. He shares tips and advice, wisdom that he has picked up along the way, and encourages everyone who reads it to be brave and just start.



  1. I bought this book too, Renee, after seeing the inspiring video you shared. So glad I did! I really feel that Thankyou, with Daniel as the front man, is capable of making the world a better place.

    1. I think it's a fantastic thing he's doing and I think he has a great team backing him up. The book was an inspiration to read, I hope you enjoy it too.


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