500 words: Heartbreak!

500 words: Heartbreak!

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I've contributed another story to the ABC Open website. You can find my ABC profile HERE and see all the stories I have contributed. My latest story is part of the 500 words: Heartbreak! project.

Not Ours, Mine

Not Ours, Mine

By Renee Conoulty ·  2 min read · From 500 Words: Heartbreak!

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don't”
Those were the words that played through my mind when I made the decision to get back together with my ex-boyfriend. I should have seen them for the warning beacon they were.
We'd had a long distance relationship for a year when I moved interstate to give us a real chance. After dating for another year, Mark dumped me the first time, with no warning and no explanation. It was only when he saw another man take an interest in me that he begged me for another chance. 
We resumed our plans to move in together, but things were never quite right between us after that. After months of feeling like an afterthought, I decided to give him an ultimatum. It wasn't the “marry me or else” choice; I didn't want to scare him off, I just wanted to know if he saw a future for us.
“Do you want to make this relationship work or not?”
“I don't know.”
There was my answer. He wasn't even man enough to admit it, but in my heart I knew it was no. I wouldn't let him off that easily though.
“I don't accept that as an answer. I want a yes or no by Friday.”
Monday, I grieved for the relationship I already knew was gone. I cried as much over losing his two sons as I did over losing him. Tuesday, I pulled myself together and worked out the practicalities. Wednesday afternoon, he was ready to talk.
“I've decided that I want to break up. I'm not ready to settle down. I went from living at home, to being married, to divorced and living at home again. I've never had any time on my own. I think I need to be out on my own.” 
His emotions broke to the surface. Tears threatened to fall and then followed through on their threats, trickling down his cheeks.
“Promise me you'll do that then. Don't just run back home to your parents. Get your own place.” My attitude softened a little. I respected that he had been able to recognise what he needed. 
What I needed though, was for him to leave. I didn't wish him ill, but I didn't want to be near him either. Luckily, my work Christmas party was on that night, so I had an escape plan.
“One of my colleagues  is coming to pick me up in an hour for the work party. When I get home, I want you out of this house.” I rattled off the list of household items I wanted to keep, and what he could have.
“Um, ok.” He sniffed, appearing surprised at how well I was taking everything.
I'd done my grieving.
Well, maybe not quite all of it, but after a few glasses of wine, my sorrows were well and truly drowned. I came back to a home that was no longer ours, it was mine.

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  1. Great post.... I am so sorry that you had to deal with the heartbreak but I really admire how you followed your heart and didn't settle....

    1. Thanks Hilary. It worked out for the best, because I married the next guy I dated.


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