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Write on

Hey Everyone!

Most of you have heard of Wattpad, an awesome website where writers post their books a chapter at a time and readers can check them out for free. I've also mentioned Tablo, which is an Aussie based website doing a similar thing. Well, now Amazon is in on the game and has a site called Write On by kindle. The aim is to "get support and provide feedback at every stage of the creative process".

It's free to participate in as a reader and a writer. A great way to gain feedback on your writing and discover new authors. 


  1. This is great information, Renee. Thanks. Have you used Wattpad or the others? My problem with sharing chapters is I'm a pantser so the whole story is irratic in the evolution.

    1. I've read stories but haven't shared any of my own (yet). I know some authors wait until they have finished the book before sharing chapters.


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