Rainbow Street Pets by Wendy Orr

Rainbow Street Pets by Wendy Orr

Rainbow Street Shelter
What would you do if you lost a pet? 
Where would you go if you found one?

At the Rainbow Street Shelter a cockatoo will greet you and a little round dog will make you welcome. All the animals there need children to be their friends. Meet Bear the border collie, Buster the marmalade cat, and Bessy the goat, as well as rabbits and guinea pigs and mice. There's even a pony called Pebbles, but where does a lion cub fit in?

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**Interview with my 5 & 6 year olds**

Me: What did you think of this book?
Him: I liked the animals that are in it.
Her: Awesome!

Me: Which story was your favourite?
Him: The one about the tiger.
Her: The right, right first one 'for all of the others.

Me: Which animal was your favourite?
Him: The lion.
Her: The parrot and the lion.

Me: Which animal would you like to have as a pet? (Silently praying "not the lion")
Him: The bunny.
Her: A bunny rabbit 
Me: (Silent phew!)

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