Cherry Season by Trish Morey

Cherry Season by Trish Morey

More than five million copies of USA Today bestselling author Trish Morey's novels have been sold around the world. 

"just divine ... 
Cherry Season is gorgeous." Beauty and Lace

Dan Faraday is too busy for love. With the long hours running the family orchard, he doesn't have time to go on dates, and if he did, he would be looking for someone who fits into his ten-year plan. Someone traditional, reliable and dependable - someone just like him.

Someone the total opposite of beautiful drifter Lucy Marino. A free spirit who chases the moment, she's in town for the fruit-picking season. The only certain thing in her life is constant change and while she's tempted to see how cute Dan might be if only he smiled, she's not the type of girl to wait around.

But as the cherry trees blossom, Lucy and Dan are increasingly drawn to one another. In spite of their differences, each begins to wonder if maybe they have a future after all.

With the weight of Dan's family legacy on his shoulders and Lucy afraid of losing the only life she's ever known, can Dan give Lucy a reason to put down roots before the seasons change?

Hey! Here's my review.

I just loved this story. It took me back to the year that I went cherry picking. The descriptions matched perfectly with my memories of working in the sorting shed or twisting the cherries from the tree. The perfect release date had me down to the supermarket to buy a bag of cherries (though it took me years to be able to eat supermarket cherries after being spoilt and eating them right off the tree. Those supermarket ones would have been sorted right into the bin, but I don't have much choice where I live now. No cherries in the tropics.) 

Anyway, enough about me and my cherry experiences. There was so much more than cherries in this novel. There was a spunky American backpacker called Lucy. I loved her. She was a great character with depth. A combination of tough and sweet, with a good heart. Farmer Dan, I mean Orchardist Dan was handsome and hardworking. I loved the chemistry between them, watching them try to fight it off. I enjoyed the familiar Australian setting and the small town dynamics. 

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book I've read by this author, but won't be the last.

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