Blood Safari by Deon Meyer

Blood Safari by Deon Meyer

When the rich and famous visit South Africa, their first port of call is often Body Armor, the personal security company offering two types of protection: the big and intimidating muscle men called Gorillas or the lean and hungry former government body guards, referred to as Invisibles. 

Lemmer is a freelance Invisible. The tiny and beautiful Emma le Roux, a brand consultant from Cape Town, wants to hire him. He needs the money, so he listens to her story. Lemmer’s First General Law is: Don’t get involved. But he has never failed as a body guard and he’s also grown a little too fond of Emma. He uncovers simmering racial and political tensions, greed, corruption, and a network of eco-terrorists. He follows the leads until he finds what he’s after: The people who attacked Emma. Getting to them will be extremely dangerous, and exposing them could have international political implications. If he fails, both he and Emma will end up dead. But Lemmer is sick and tired of being invisible. He goes after them, against all odds.

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The sole reason I picked up this book was because I wanted to read a book set in Africa for a reading challenge. I found the audiobook edition of this via the Oneclick Digital app, downloaded the book and pressed play. I adored the narrator, Saul Reichlin. His South African accent was perfectly suited to the novel and did a fantastic job of differentiating the characters using tone and dialect. There is a bit of something for everyone: politics, action, romance, mystery.

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