500 words: What I was wearing

500 words: What I was wearing

Hey Everyone!

Yesterday I shared a post about ABC Open. Today I would like to share my story that has been published on the ABC Open website as part of the 500 words: What I was wearing project.

My "Best Cooker" Hat

By Renee Conoulty ·  · From 500 words: What I was wearing

I squinted through my left eye, my right eyelid still squeezed shut, and made out the forms of two small children as they leapt on top of me.
"Santa came!" they squealed in unison.
"Can we open our presents now?"
I turned my head to the side and glanced at the digital display. 5.08.
"Come and give me a cuddle for a bit first. It's still night time."
My husband stirred beside me as both children wriggled under the covers with us. A wave of sticky air wafted over me from the open bedroom door.
"Shut the door, the air-con's on." I mumbled.
My eldest bounded out of bed, closed the door, and then he jumped back in. We snuggled together for about 2 minutes, until my kids couldn't contain themselves any longer.
"Daddy, is it present time yet?" My youngest asked, prying his eyelid open.
"Mmmm," he grunted.
"Have you unpacked your stockings yet?" I asked.
"Yep see," my son said, thrusting one of the trinkets towards me. I relented and opened both my eyes to see what it was.
"Come on then. We need to have breakfast first, and then we can do presents."
The kids scrambled out of bed and raced to the kitchen. Hubby and I wandered out after them.
"Froot Loops?" I asked.
"Yes please."
We sat together around the dining table and devoured our bowls of colourful cereal, our special treat reserved for major holidays and birthdays. Then, coffees in hand, hubby and I followed the kids into the lounge room. We each claimed a spot to sit and pile our presents.
"Can I be Santa's helper?" my son asked.
"Sure," Hubby replied.
My baby boy seemed so big now. Where had all that time gone? He took his responsibility seriously, choosing presents and delivering them to the correct family member.
"This one's for you Mummy," he said, handing me an oblong package. Everyone watched on as I unwrapped the gift from my son and daughter. Hidden inside the bright wrapping was a crisp white chef’s hat. I pulled it from the package and popped it on my head.
"Mummy, I picked that because you're a chef and I love your dinners," my son exclaimed, a huge smile plastered on his face.
"Yeah Mummy, you're the best cooker ever," my daughter chimed in.
My heart swelled with love, and the joy of feeling appreciated. I wore that hat proudly for the rest of the morning, puffing it back up when it began to collapse.
A week later, after slaving over the stove for what seemed like hours, my youngest declared "I hate this dinner. This is the worst dinner ever!" I breathed deeply, carried my empty plate to the sink and picked up my chef's hat from its perch on top of the slow cooker. I placed it carefully on my head. I felt myself puff back up instead of collapsing. 

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  1. AHHH THAT WAS GREAT. XD And entirely relatable. Not that I'm a parent, but I have little nephews/nieces who pull the same "I hate this" comments over meals. -_- So this was so sweet and I loved reading it!
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Hey Cake! I mean Cait!
      Thanks for coming to visit. I'm glad you enjoyed my short story. It's the first one I've let out into the big wide world, and it's great to know you find it relatable even though you don't have kids.


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