Luke... the second in a LOVE story by Sandra Fitzgerald

Luke... the second in a LOVE story by Sandra Fitzgerald

We met Luke in Maggie's Five.
This is his story.

Lemons are a curious fruit. Add enough sugar and they're sweet, but not enough...

When I was fifteen, my best friend introduced me to his brother's girlfriend.
She stole my ability to see anyone other than her.
She stole my ability to want anyone other than her.
She stole me.

When I was eighteen, I finally got to kiss that girl.
Two days later my family and I left Australia to live in America.

When I was nineteen, I met Sophie. 
Then everything changed.

My perfectly constructed life, the life I've worked hard to create and maintain, started to crack.
Then crumble... then collapse.
I don't want to be attracted to her... I don't.
She's disorganised and impulsive and messy... Shit she's messy.
And beautiful.
God, she's beautiful.
And mind-consuming and heart kicking and blood racing.
And gone.

Hey! Here's my review.

This is the back story of Luke, the love interest from Maggie's Five... The First in a Love Story. I've read Maggie's Five, so I knew there was some tragedy in Luke's past, but I still wasn't prepared for it, so was left sobbing. This is a raunchy romance, bordering on erotica, but not one with a happily ever after. 

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.


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  1. No happy ending? Is there another book coming out then? Hmm, I was right there with you until the no happy ending part. Isn't that a requirement for it to be considered a romance? Still, this sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. It's a prequel to Maggie's Five.... the first in a LOVE story. Luke gets a happy ending there. I read Maggie first, so I was able to put Luke down without feeling too devastated, knowing it got better for him.


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