Renee Conoulty: Cuppa and a chat


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Cuppa and a chat

Hey Everyone!

I went on a holiday with my family last week. It was great to get away from the hot and sticky build up weather and experience spring in the southern states. I'd never thought I'd be so excited to put on a pair of jeans without breaking into a sweat until I moved to the Northern Territory! I loved seeing all the gorgeous spring flowers too.

It was wonderful to see my kid's faces when we took them to the zoo, and my biggest kid's face when we went on the vintage train. Some of my other highlights were wine tastings at the cellar door and gorging myself on cheese and chocolate.

My biggest highlight though, was getting to meet two authors that I've met through this blog. It was wonderful to be able to sit down, have a cuppa and a chat with a couple of people who understand this whole writing thing I've just started. I enjoyed hearing their writing journey stories and felt validated when they told me I was on the right track. I was a little nervous, waiting to meet these women who were strangers, but also friends. We hit it off straight away and chatted easily. 

Cuppa and a chat with Carla Caruso and Dianne Maguire

I wish I lived closer to my Facebook friends, but where would closer be? I have online friends all over the world. Hmm, lots of inspiration for our next holiday....
Where did you go for you last holiday?


  1. Hope your writing - and dancing - has been going well!

    1. My legs are still sore from Dancing Wednesday night, so that is a yes. Plodding away at the writing. Slow and steady is my method at the moment.