Renee Conoulty: Swing Dance by Scott Cupit **Interview & Spotlight**


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Swing Dance by Scott Cupit **Interview & Spotlight**

Swing Patrol Swing dancing lindy hopHey Everyone!

I would love to introduce you to Scott Cupit, who is on tour with his newly released book, Swing Dance. I first met Scottie back in 2000 in the social swing dance scene in Melbourne, and I always had a fantastic time dancing with him.

Scott Cupit founded Swing Patrol in Australia in 1998 and it is now regarded as the world's largest swing-dancing school, with weekly classes held in Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, Berlin and London. Swing Patrol London, which launched in 2009, now has more than 1,400 students a week through its many venues and weekly social dances.

Scott achieved global media attention in 2009 with his interactive swinging hour on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, which was voted one of the top ten hours of the project by the Evening Standard. Since Swing Patrol's successful pitch on BBC2's Dragon's Den in July 2014, with three of the four dragons making an offer, the company has enjoyed a second wave of media attention, with various major fashion brands interested in collaborations - Keds footwear is now a sponsor.

As well as running Swing Patrol, Scott continues to teach weekly classes and regularly leads workshops in the UK and abroad. After sixteen years, he still thinks he has the best job in the world.

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What inspired you to write Swing Dance - The Book?

I truly believe the swing dance scene, it’s growth, it’s talent, fashion and the community is a positive hidden gem that someone should be telling the story about.
It feels like a global underground movement that the public are not aware of. I am super proud to be part of it.
It is a story full of fun anecdotes and it was a fun and challenging project.

How long did it take you to go from first idea to publication of Swing Dance - The Book?

I appeared on Dragon Den on July 20 2014, I was approached by a publisher just after that. The green light didn’t happen though until after my two draft chapters were well revoked at the Frankfurt book fare in October 2014. I then had the first half of 2015 to write the book ;)

How did you first get into swing dancing?

I was back packing across the US and stumbled across it twice in a week and that was a sign to me. I first saw it at Disneyland in California and then at the Glen Echo Ballroom in Maryland A few days later. I was absolutely addicted after these two chance encounters. :)

What styles of dancing can you do and which one is your favourite?

I am first and foremost a Lindy Hopper. It’s the dance that changed my life and my number one love.

What are your top three tips for swing dance beginners?

Enjoy the journey and don’t rush to learn it all at once.
Laugh at your mistakes and be chilled about your journey.
Listen and dance to the music :)

What are your current top three favourite songs?

Shufflin’ & Rollin’ Buddy Johnson
Mack the Knife by Ella Fitzgerland 1936
Two O’Clock Jump by Harry James

Here's Scottie dancing to Shufflin’ & Rollin’ Buddy Johnson

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I think I have the best job in the world and have loved every step I have taken on this journey. I just hope this book inspires people to try it out and do something new. These old world dances have given such joy to so many. ::)

 Here's Scottie dancing with the famous Jena Veloz who is in the book

Swing Dance by Scott Cupid

lindy hop dancing With all things vintage enjoying a boom worldwide, swing dancing has well and truly swung back into fashion. From vintage festivals and tea dances to weekend socials and hundreds of weekly classes held around the world, multiple forms of the dance that was created in 1930s Harlem by Frankie Manning are growing ever more popular.

Swing Dance explores the vibrant contemporary swing-dancing scene, looking at the different dance styles and the associated culture, community and fashion. Illustrated with vintage and contemporary photography, as well as specially commissioned step-by-step guides, it provides everything you need to know, whether you fancy kicking up your heels in the Charleston or mastering the Lindy Hop 'swing out'.

The four major dance styles are covered - Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Balboa and Lindy Hop, including the Strolls, which are guaranteed to fill the dance floor. Each chapter begins with an overview of the fascinating evolution of the dance style. 'Get the Look' examines the fashions for guys and girls, including hair and make-up, and a clothing, shoes and accessories checklist, while 'The Music' suggests the top ten tunes to practise to. Then follows a breakdown of the basic step patterns upon which the dance is built, and a guide to some of the key moves. There are also insider tips from old-timers and today's leading swing dancers as well as fun, easy-to-follow page-embedded video demonstrations produced exclusively for the book and accessible via scannable QR codes.

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