Renee Conoulty: A Story of Like by Courtney Clark **Guest Post & Review**


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A Story of Like by Courtney Clark **Guest Post & Review**

A story of likeHey Everyone!

I'd love to introduce you to Courtney Clark who stumbled upon my blog and asked me if I would be interested in reviewing her debut novel.  A Story of Like sounded interesting, I liked the idea of reading about a couple of regular people instead of all the gorgeous alpha billionaires that keep coming up. I'm so glad I said yes, I absolutely adored this book! Keep reading for a guest post from Courtney and my review.

A bit about Courtney. 

Besides aspiring to use my wit and, yes, sometimes sarcastic comments to write comedy gold, I am a proud pet parent to two awesomely neurotic dogs, a book nerd, and my parents' favorite child (just don't tell my brother that). You can check out my book, "A Story of Like: A Decidedly Unromantic Romance Novel", on both Amazon and Nook (please and thank you).

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Guest Post

When Chick Lit Comes to Life…

Over the years, my love for Chick Lit has remained steadfast and true, making it both my longest and most functional relationship.  When I’ve had a bad week, Chick Lit has been there to make me laugh.  When I have needed advice, I’ve found wisdom in the pages between those pastel colored covers.  Chick Lit has taught me to persevere through utter humiliation, to give people a chance despite awkward beginnings, and to keep the faith that happy endings are out there.  I have wished many times that my life was a Chick Lit novel, that is, until my wish came true.

 The first thing we learn in every Chick Lit novel is that our heroine is experiencing big changes in her life; from a break up to losing her job, something is throwing the plucky character off kilter.  Although I may not have mastered the plucky persona (I’m more the sassy, sarcastic type), I have definitely experienced my life altering experience in losing over 100 pounds this past year.  Seeing a different person when I look in the mirror has made me ponder other changes I want to make in my life, leading me to the second thing all Chick Lit ladies have in common—a goal.

Chick Lit girls know what they want out of life, even when the characters around them may not share their vision.  I had always told myself that I wasn’t the type of girl who wanted a husband and kids.  Even during my college years, it was not uncommon to discuss my inevitable spinsterhood at my parents’ dinner table.  Seeing  my physical transformation this past year and deciding to make other changes in my life—changes like writing the awesomely funny novel I had always talked about (now available on Amazon, hint, hint)—made me more honest about what I wanted for my personal life: my own family.

Soon after this revelation, I had dinner with my brother, where I made the bold proclamation, “I’ve decided to get married.”  To which he responded, “Are you even dating someone right now?”  Apparently the paradigm shift alone was not going to cut it.  Like any other Chick Lit character, I was going to have to be brave and put myself out there—a spectacle for possible public humiliation.   The results have been nothing less than terrifying. 

While our Chick Lit heroines may adequately describe the my-face-now-looks-like-a-giant-tomato level of blushing that occurs when your boss starts pointing enthusiastically and obviously at all of your single male coworkers—not so subtly mouthing the words “what about him” behind their backs—what is usually missing from the novels I love so much is the panic inducing horror that accompanies the raw vulnerability that comes with taking personal risks.  Experiencing this terror first hand has given me a new appreciation for the strength of the Chick Lit heroine, plucky persona and all, because living the life of a Chick Lit novel is not for the faint of heart.

A Story of Like by Courtney Clark 

He's every woman's idea of the perfect man: a middle income job, a receding hair line that only Mr. Clean would envy, and a body fit for the beer Olympics. 

Who could resist? 

Meet Addison Anderson. Although Addy is happy with her life—she has a job she loves, family and friends who support her, and her very own sidekicks in her neurotic Superdog named Lola and a nefarious looking cat named Moustachio—she’s missing the one thing that every girl wants, a plus one to couple's game night. Enter Charlie. Not exactly the man of her romantic fantasies, Addy is quick to put him in the friend zone, but as he rapidly becomes an invaluable part of her life, Addy must make a big decision: which is more important, that elusive spark or someone to share her life with? Join Addy on her comic voyage as she discovers that not every story is a story of love, sometimes it's a story of like. 

Hey! Here's my review.

Growing up as Renee Ryan, I appreciated the alliterative humour of a book written by Courtney Clark about Addison Anderson. This is a fantastic debut humorous chick lit novel that had me giggling and falling in like (ok, I admit it, falling in love) with the characters. 

It's written in the first person with the occasional aside directed at the reader. I particularly enjoyed the way Courtney kept the bedroom scenes clean, no fade to black - she just slammed the door in your face. I loved the cast of quirky characters, including the pets. There was great character development and I was able to connect with Addison and Charlie. I loved the ending so much that I immediately reread the last bit.

I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. I can't wait to read more from Courtney.


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