Maggie's Five by Sandra Fitzgerald

Maggie's Five by Sandra Fitzgerald

I had a great life. Not perfect, but really good. I was happy. 
I had a husband and two children. But now I've got Red. 
He’s using me but, that’s okay, because I’m using him too, only for a different reason. 
He wants sex and leverage. I want numb. 
But then Luke came back. 
Don’t be stupid. Luke’s not my husband. My husband is dead, like my children. 
Luke came back and things have started changing. And I think, maybe, that I’m okay with change, but I’m worried it’s too late, that I might be too far down the Rabbit Hole. 
I’m Maggie Cartwright, and this is my story. But be warned, it may not be the happy ever after you dream of. 

Maggie’s Five is the story of a young woman’s journey through her five stages of grief. 
With the tragic loss of her husband and two children, Maggie desperately attempts to cling on to life, until one day she realises life is living on without her. 
After meeting Red, Maggie’s introduced into a dark world of alcohol, drugs and meaningless sex. Spiraling into the indifference that self-destruction brings, creating a numbness that she relishes. 

Luke didn't think he was worth the effort to overcome his own loss until he became an inadvertent witness to the accident that would change Maggie forever. Forced to face his own demons, Luke becomes determined to stay close to Maggie. To support her and care for her and catch her when she falls. 
All that changes when Luke’s has to return to America for work.

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Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster and a journey through grief. One minute I was feeling flushed, then the next I was sobbing. What starts as a romantic happy story, twists and turns into something darker. I just wanted to wrap my arms around Maggie and take her somewhere safe, but I had to take a step back and simply travel along her beside her as her heart healed. 


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