Six Series I read to my six year old

Six Series I read to my six year old

Hey Everyone!

Books play a large part in our bedtime routine every night. First is bath, teeth and pj's, then onto the couch in the lounge room to read a picture book (or two) with Daddy. The next step is getting tucked into bed with lots of cuddles - especially "sandwich cuddles" where everyone piles on top of each other for a big squish. This actually achieves the opposite of calming the kids down to sleep, but they love it and won't settle until we have sandwich cuddles. Since both the kids (4 & 6) are sharing a room, I get them both to lie still for 20 seconds, to calm back down, before I start reading "a chapter" (or maybe 2). Here are some of the chapter book series that both the kids have enjoyed listening to recently.

The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton
This was my all time favourite series when I was a kid. I was so excited to read it to my kids and I'm so glad they liked it. I think I would have been devastated if they didn't! It is a classic fantasy trilogy, full of adventures in imaginary places.

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The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton
Although I loved Enid Blyton when I was a kid, I had never read the  Secret Seven series. I was drawn more to her fantasy books. I decided to read this series to the kids as my son liked mystery type books. He absolutely adored this series and we read all 15 books in a row.

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The Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne
This is a fantastic series to learn about history. The treehouse in the story magically transports two children through time to complete missions. Each book follows the same format and has it's own adventure that is wrapped up by the end, but there is another layer to the plot that unfolds throughout the series. So far we have read the first 16 books, then took a break for a bit. There are currently 52 books published, with more to come. I also found a cool Magic Tree House website for kids.

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Clementine Rose by Jacqueline Harvey
Jacqueline Harvey is an Australian author. The Clementine Rose series is set in the same world as her Allison Miranda series. Clementine Rose is a six year old girl who is just starting school in a little country town. The writing is simple, sweet and entertaining. We have read the first seven book so far. There are currently 10 books published, with more to come.

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Sword Girl by Frances Watts
Frances Watts is also an Australian author. Sword Girl is a medieval fantasy series for kids. I love that the main character is a girl with spunk who took on a role usually performed by men. As well as knights and swords, there is a hint of magic as Tommy can talk to the animals that live at the castle. We have read all 6 of these books.

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Guinea Pigs Online by Jennifer Gray & Amanda Swift
We decided to read some of these books after we got a pet guinea pig. This is a fun adventure series where the guinea pigs escape from their cages and use the internet to help solve their mysteries.So far we have read the first two books. There are 5 books currently published.

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  1. Does the Magic Faraway Tree involve a chair being in the tree? Or is that another Blyton book? When I was little I used to love a series of books called My Naughty Little Sister.
    Thanks for linking up with the weekend blog hop!

    1. Enid Blyton wrote another series about a wishing chair that grew wings on it's legs and went on adventures. I loved that one too and we read those a few months ago. The Magic Faraway Tree, they climb up the tree and there is a different land at the top each time.

      I haven't read the My Naughty Little Sister books, but they look like fun :)

    2. We (my Littlie and me) are reading 'The Wishing Chair' now... interesting how one or two of the Lands the wishing chair visits did come to the top of the tree too. The faraway Tree was my fav as a child... and (read again to Littlie recently) as loved now... at the ripe old age of *coughs*... nearly 50 ;)

    3. Thanks for stopping by Kimmie! Did you read your copy of The Faraway Tree from when you were a kid, or the new version with the different names? I read The Wishing Chair books with my kids last year, but they were just that little bit younger and didn't appreciate them as much. I'll have to revisit later this year.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! She got two out six mentions. I nearly included The Wishing Chair aswell, but I thought I would spread the love around some modern books too.


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