On the Inside by Kim Cano

On the Inside by Kim Cano

When Kristen is sentenced to seventeen years for committing a white collar crime, she’s forced to leave her husband and two sons behind. 
Life in prison is a shock. She discovers that people aren’t always what they seem, love wears many faces, and friendship can make life worth living. 
But as she struggles to survive on the inside, Kristen must face something even more frightening than her fellow inmates. . . herself.

Hey! Here's my review.

I was told that if I liked Orange is the New Black, I might like this book too. I haven't actually read or watched Orange is the New Black yet, but I read over the blurb and thought this book sounded interesting. It is all about being "on the inside" of a women's prison. I have avoided these types of stories for years, as they are a bit close to home. I had a family member spend some time on the inside and that is a time I prefer not to dwell on. I found reading this novel to be a positive experience. It didn't dwell on the horror of prison, but on the friendships that are built.

The blurb describes this novel as Kristen's story. A wife and mother of two, who spent 17 years in prison for white collar crime. Kristen is the thread that ties all the other stories together; it is more than just her story. It intertwines the lives of the other inmates and some of the staff. The story begins partway through Kristen's sentence. Although it is a work of fiction, I believe it portrays a fairly realistic image of what everyday life would be like inside a women's prison. 

As I came to know them better, I grew to like all of the characters. Even the toughest ones had a softer side. This novel really demonstrated that there are not many bad people in the world, but lots of people who have made bad decisions.

I listened to the audiobook edition, which I received free from Audiobook Blast in exchange for an honest review. The narrator, Teri Schnaubelt, did a fantastic job. She spoke clearly and at a perfect pace. She breathed life into all the characters and used appropriate accents and characterisations.


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