Authors, do you read your reviews?

Authors, do you read your reviews?

Hey Everyone!

I was so excited to find out that I rated a mention in this months edition of Hearts Talk - The official journal of Romance Writers of Australia. The Great Debate discussed whether authors like to read reviews of their book or not. Tess Woods is firmly on the yes side and mentioned me in her argument. One of her points was that reviewers can be the best cheerleaders. I know that I always cheer louder for the team that I have a personal connection with (Go Tess!)

I would never have thought to contact an author after I had posted a review of their book, let alone become friends with them. Carla Caruso started the ball rolling when she clicked "like" on one of my Goodreads reviews. I then felt brave enough to message her to let her know that I was also posting the review on my blog. Soon we were Facebook friends. I followed her blog. She commented on mine. Online friendships blossomed. Carla mentioned me in the Acknowledgments of one of her books, which gave me the courage to ask her for some ebooks to giveaway in a Goodreads group that I moderate. I have since made online connections and friends with lots of awesome authors, and it all started from an author reading my review and clicking "like".

Authors, do you read the reviews of your book?

Readers, have you ever made contact with an author whose book you loved?


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    1. Thanks for thinking of me and sending me a copy of the article. And thanks for reading my reviews and clicking "like"


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