Gemma's Bluff by Karly Lane

Gemma's Bluff by Karly Lane

Smart and reliable, Gemma Northcote has always done what's expected of her. So it's not surprising that after uni she defers to her father's wish that she join the family business.

Gemma's best friend, Jasmine, is a different personality altogether. She thrives on spontaneity, is unpredictable and has generally pursued her own path.

When Gemma and Jasmine decide to spend a working holiday on a large rural property, their friends and family are surprised. Neither has any experience of country life (unless you count Jasmine's love of McLeod's Daughters) and they're not exactly farming types.

Away from her family, Gemma feels liberated. The longer she's away the more she questions what she really wants to do with her future. Ultimately, she realises she needs to choose between duty and what's right for her in life - and love.

From the bestselling author of Bridie's Choice and Poppy's Dilemma, this inspirational novel is sure to appeal to anyone who's questioned the direction they should take for true happiness.

Hey! Here's my review.

I love contemporary Australian fiction and this is a great one in a rural setting. It is a story of city girls in the country, friendship, romance and self discovery. I really liked Gemma and could imagine being friends with her in real life. 

There were lots of moments where I laughed out loud. I particularly liked the scene where the girls used the 2-way radio for the first time. The plot threw a few twists at me that I wasn't expecting and kept me engaged the whole way through. 

This is the first book I have read by this author and I plan to read more.

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  1. I'm a fane of Lane's work too

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

    1. This was the first of her books I have read. So many great authors out there, I keep finding more!


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