Freeding with Podiobooks

Freeding with Podiobooks

Hey Everyone!

Here's another way to listen to free audiobooks! A podiobook is a serialised audiobook that has been released one section at a time similar to a podcast. The Podiobooks website is a great place to find lots of these type of books in a variety of genre. The books are legally available for free through this site, though there is an option to make a donation to support the author and the running of the site. You can listen to the books directly from the website, but I found it difficult to keep track of where I was up to if I had to stop the book and come back to it. 

Because the books are also distributed via RSS, I looked for a podcatcher app. I decided to try the uPod android app, which is also free and offers speed control. I love it! I can download the whole book while I'm home and have access to wifi, rather than streaming and using up my mobile data while I'm out. It does a great job of saving where I am up to and deleting files 24 hours after I have finished with them unless I choose to save them. If you are an Apple user, you can try the Apple podcasts app.

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