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May is International Chick Lit Month so to celebrate I thought I'd share a Chick Lit themed challenge that I wrote for NBRC. You can join the challenge HERE.

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Link to online interactive version with word list

Duration: One year from start date.

Step 1: 
Find a word in the word search puzzle above. 
To use the interactive word find puzzle, follow the link above. 
To highlight words, use your mouse to click on the first letter, 
and then on the last letter of the word. 
Step 2: For each word found, read a book with that word in the title. 
You may use singular or plural versions of the word. 
The word may be contained as a subset of a larger word 
e.g. Deal for The Death Dealer or Rebellion for Rebel Wing 
or a different tense of the root word Drowning for Drowned Wednesday
Hint: The hidden words are more common in Chick lit and Women's fiction books 
- but any genre may be used for this challenge.

Levels:Babe - 1 to 5 books ♀ Lass - 6 to 10 books ♀ Girl - 11 to 15 books ♀ Sheila - 16 to 20 books ♀ Chick - 21+ books
Everything  Stranger

Inspired by BookBub

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